Building Bridges: One Less Lonely Mother in the World

It can be fantastic. It can be frustrating. It can be scary. Life can, that is. That’s what 42 years on this earth has taught me. What can make it seem more difficult is the feeling that we’re all alone in our struggles, that no one understands what we’re going through. Especially as women. Struggling mothers. Tired single mothers. Yes, life can be a bit much sometimes. Even with approximately 7 billion people in the world, it’s still far too easy to believe that you are alone in your particular circumstances.


Welcome to my very first blog post on Mindverse Oasis! This blog is dedicated to all the resilient and hard-working mothers – especially us single mothers! As a fellow single mom, I understand our challenges. We feel the frustration with the mountains of homework sometimes, but we also soar when the project we helped with earns top marks. We love it when our children are well-behaved but want to tear our hair out when they are not. While these are normal ‘mommying’ stuff, the absence of a partner to share the burdens and even the blessings can make the experience a little lonely and disheartening at times. Am I right? At the heart of it all, though, I’ve found motherhood to be an incredible journey filled with highs and lows and a remarkable opportunity for personal growth and empowerment.

Our Journey Begins

Through this blog, I hope to connect with like-minded women and inspire us to share our experiences, celebrate our wins, and learn and embrace techniques that may help us organize our lives better. While all this is going on, I’ll be learning, too, because I am nowhere near perfect at motherhood, work, church, and trying to wear all the hats on my one dreadlocked head. I’m not a guru, but I am a mom who is open to helping another mom – if only through words on a screen.

Let’s Say Connected!

I encourage questions, so bring them on! Connection is vital to human stability. Stay tuned for more posts on personal growth, mental health tips and practices, along with building resilience. Remember, when you invest in your happiness, you’ll have more to give to your children. Until next time!

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